Updates               : Updated on: 2022-11-23, Deadline extended from 2022-11-20 to 2022-12-04

Deadline: 2022-12-04

Company             : QATAR ENERGY

Title       : Provision of Manpower

Tender_No         : GT22107500

Address: P.O. Box 3212, Doha


Country: Qatar

Disclaimer : Please Refer the Below Original Notice.






Tender Issue Period:

20/10/22 - 26/10/22

Bid Closing Date:




Bond Validity:

19/04/23- (150) days from the Bid Closing Date


20/03/23- (120) days from the Bid Closing Date

Scope of Work/Description:

QatarEnergy intends to engage the services of competent and experienced CONTRACTOR who shall undertake the responsibility of hiring and supplying of qualified and experienced Thirty-Five (35) Material Controllers, Four (4) Stock Checkers, Forty One (41) Warehouse Assistant Storekeeper and Three (3) General Foreman to assist QatarEnergy Material Warehouse Operations under Supply Chain Department in its operations at various locations.


a) Tender documents for the above services/works/goods can be obtained from the Dates of Issue within the Tender Sale Period. Tender Issue Time ends at 2 PM (local time) of the Sale period's end date.

b) Suppliers and Contractors who are already registered with QatarEnergy via e-Registration system and are in possession of a valid SAP ID issued by QatarEnergy can buy the Tender document online using the Buy Tender Online link within the Tender Issue Period indicated above.

c) Requests for issuance of Tenders after the specified Tender Issue Period will not be entertained. QatarEnergy reserves its right, in its own discretion, to set and recall Tender Issue Periods.

d) No queries will be entertained, or bids received, from entities who have not purchased tender documents in compliance with the above provisions.

e) All prospective Contractors/suppliers interested to participate in QatarEnergy Tenders are required to register and obtain a QatarEnergy SAP Vendor Code, a mandatory requirement for the issue of Tender Document.

f) All bidders shall ensure that the business/company name, contact persons and other details in all relevant documents to reflect the details as stated in the commercial registration documents.

g) Bidders/Contractors, who are registered with QatarEnergy and possess a QatarEnergy SAP Vendor ID, shall with immediate effect ensure that any change to the vendor details is updated with QatarEnergy via e-Registration to ensure smooth processing of Tender, Contract and Payment related matters without any delay.

h) For more information, please visit our Vendor Registration page.